Natural Nail Care

For all our manicure and pedicure services, we pamper you with lavender shoulder wrap while our highly skilled team takes care of all your nail care needs! As part of our pedicure, we soak you feet in a lavender scented conditioning treatment that replenishes the moisture in your cuticles. All of our products, including our polishes are non-toxic, vegan, and FREE of DPB, Toulene, and Formaldehyde.

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The Classic Mani/Pedi$49 Combined

We start by reshaping your nails and caring for your cuticles. We follow that up with a warm lavender lotion massage designed to boast your circulatory system and increase the flow of oxygen & nutrients to your skin cells. Includes a lavendar scrub filled with powerful antioxidants that help relieve stress.
  • Manicure ONLY - $22
  • Pedicure ONLY - $32
  • Combo Mani/Pedi - $49
  • Gel Manicure (Includes Gel Remove) - $40
  • Classic Mani with Gel Remove - $27
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The Lounge Mani/Pedi$75 Combined

Pamper yourself with our signature Mani/Pedi. All of the essentials of "The Classic" plus a lavender mask to increase cellular rejuvenation and a warm lavender paraffin treatment to bring youth back to your skin.
  • Manicure ONLY - $35
  • Pedicure ONLY - $45
  • Combo Mani/Pedi - $75
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The Milky Way Mani/Pedi$86 Combined

Milk is a timeless beauty ritual. The lactic acid acts as an exfoliant and the natural enzymes help smooth your skin. In addition, amino acids in the milk keep your skin soft and moisturized. You will love your perfect, healthy, and naturally glowing skin!
  • Manicure ONLY - $42
  • Pedicure ONLY - $52
  • Combo Mani/Pedi - $86
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The Smooth Sole$52 Pedicure

Everyone deserves beautiful feet and our mission is to transform you "imperfect" feet into healthy and happy feet... Truly "Where Medi meets Pedi®." Your feet deserve to be pampered. Call Us!

Indulgent Pedicure$55

Relax your feet in a therapeutic herbal & mineral soak followed by an exfoliating scrub using ground husks with aloe vera to remove oil & impurities. You get a relaxing massage with a cooling gel to stimulate & revive fatigued legs which will be wrapped in hot towels to complete recovery. A soothing cream will be applied to soften the calluses and relax your feet. A therapeutic foot cream will be applied and followed by a relaxing massage using a moisturizer that features high levels of antioxidants which will deliver all day moisturization for healthy & supple looking skin.

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Other Services


We provide an organic wax with natural antioxidants (the latest trend in cosmetics). Our wax is PARABEN AND GLUTEN FREE, specially formulated to satisfy clients with delicate skin. We use "one stick per dip" for your safety and cleanliness.

Eyebrows - $17
Lip - $12
Chin - $12
Sideburns - $20
Face (including eyebrows) - $55
Ear - $10
Nose - $10
Underarm - $22
Half Arm - $25
Full Arm - $40
Stomach - $25
Back - $55
Bikini - $35
Deluxe Bikini - $45
Brazilian - $59
Buttocks - $25
Half Leg - $35
Full Leg - $60

Add-on Treatments

Mask - $15
Paraffin - $15
French - $8/hand & $5/Feet
Callus Treatment - $7
Gel Removal Only - $10
Polish Change - $11/hand | $14/feet
Design - $3/Nail
Massage - $1/Minute

PRINCESS MANI/PEDI (12 Years old & Younger)

Manicure ONLY - $13
Pedicure ONLY - $18
Combo Mani/Pedi - $26


Proteolytic Enzyme Facial - $95

Refresh your skin with the proteolytic enzymes from green, unripened papaya to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin. We follow that up by giving you a soothing, hydrating mask. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and look postively radiant.

C-ESTA Facial - $120

Lift, Tone, and firm the skin with the potent combination of lipid-soluble Vitamin C and DMAE to encourage collagen production, repair free radical damage, and enhance your natural facial tone. Results of this facial are immediate with your skin feeling smoother with more suppleness, and looking brither, lifted, and more contoured.

Retinol Plus Facial - $120

This facial addresses your fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged follicles, acne, coarse texture, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation.
Amplify your anti-aging results with this advanced treatment of highly concentrated retinol PLUS anti-aging technologies for long term skin rejuvenation. This treatment will leave your skin instantly polished and more refined while dramatically improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, removing hyperpigmentation, and healing sun damage and acne.

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